Telluride Brews & Blues Festival

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Telluride Brews & Blues Festival Main Stage, Telluride, CO

We sure love what Lady A says about being a good person: “Be blessed and be a blessing.” Every time she hits the stage, her fire and energy are imbued in every note she sings and she gives the blues and fresh, funkified treatment, all the while blessing us with her talent. She’s been likened to Chaka Khan and Tina Turner – can’t go wrong there – and in her Pacific Northwest stomping grounds, she’s one of the hottest tickets going. Music is her life and passion. Not only is she a touring performer and radio DJ, but she sits on the Board of Directors of Rhapsody Music project for Americana, Folk and Blues Students, as well as serving as the vocal coach and mentor for the program. Her reputation for “hardest workin’ woman in blues, funk, soul and gospel,” is no lie. Lady A is gonna bring her “A” game.