About The Lady

In the evergreen embrace of the Pacific Northwest, Lady A, often compared to the electrifying Tina Turner and the soulful Chaka Khan, has been a musical force for over two decades. With a radiant smile and a voice that wraps around you like warm velvet, she has become a beloved figure both in her hometown of Seattle and on stages across the globe.

Lady A’s performances are nothing short of a spectacle—a fusion of high energy, profound storytelling, and messages woven with love and encouragement. Her shows, pulsating with blues and funk, are more than just musical events; they are gatherings of joy and empowerment. Just like the finest pot of gumbo, Lady A's concerts are rich, varied, and best enjoyed hot.

Her musical journey continued to evolve with her 2023 album, “Just Bein’ Me,” a concoction as eclectic and vibrant as the city that raised her. In this project, Lady A stretches her musical palette, blending Blues, Soul, Funk, and Gospel roots with a hint of Blues/Rock—each genre adding its unique spice to the mix, much like the diverse ingredients of a well-prepared gumbo.

2024 brought Lady A into the spotlight with multiple nominations from the International Singer/Songwriter Association (ISSA). Celebrated for her single "Big Cup," and her indomitable presence both onstage and off, she was nominated for Best Single of the Year, Vocalist of the Year, and Entertainer of the Year—honors that underscore her influence and popularity in the music world.

Her album “Satisfyin,” released in 2023, was nominated by the Blues Music Scene for the Independent Blues Award, marking another year of critical acclaim and artistic success.   Her consistent recognition by the Washington Blues Society, including multiple nominations and awards in 2020 and 2021 respectively,  as the Female Blues Performer  and Vocalist of the Year, underscores her prominence in the blues community.

Beyond the stage, Lady A has made significant contributions to the community.   Through Lady A Productions, she not only brings musicians to Seattle for live performances in Blues and Gospel but also raises funds for homelessness and shelters. Her dedication to community service is matched by her commitment to the arts, serving as the MC at the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival All-Star Jam and as a member of the Methow Valley Juke Joint All-Stars band for nine years.

On the airwaves, Lady A continues to inspire and entertain as a host on the True Grit Roots Network (TGRN).   Her programs, “Lady A’s Gumbo N Gospel” and “Lady A’s Black N Blues (the B side),” offer a blend of musical genres, each show a testament to her deep musical knowledge and her passion for sharing it with others.

Lady A lives up to her reputation as “The Hardest Workin' Woman in Blues, Soul, Funk, and Gospel,”  a title she wears as proudly as the messages she shares through her music.   

Her life’s motto, “Be Blessed and Be A Blessing,” is not just a phrase but a reflection of her journey—a journey marked by melody, heart, and an unyielding commitment to uplifting others through the power of music.

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